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Invasive Annual Grasses

Sheridan County has recently discovered two invasive annual grasses, Ventenata and Medusahead, that have never been found in Wyoming nor the Great Plains Eco-region. These species are worrisome because they strangle local flora, promote dangerous wildfires, diminish diversity, and reduce wildlife habitat. They have the ability to reduce grazing capacity by 70%. These annual grasses out-compete the native vegetation because they germinate early in the fall and deplete soil nutrients and moisture. They are far more invasive than Cheatgrass and rapidly change native landscapes.     

 See what our Task Force is doing about it!

It is very important to notify Sheridan County Weed & Pest of potential sightings. 

Learn what to look for with the

Invasive Grass Field Guide


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North East Invasive Grass Working Group's 
Fact Sheet

P6194274 Ventenata 06192018 GLS T.jpg


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Don't be the vector

Please remember to clean your shoes, pants, bicycles, pets, and ATV's before leaving an area to prevent the spread of invasive species. 

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